St.Aidan’s Seahouses

18, King Street


NE68 7XP

Telephone 01665 720427


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St.Aidan’s Holy Island

Green Lane

Holy Island

Berwick upon Tweed

TD15 2SQ

Service Times vary, depending on tides and visiting priests; this month a retired priest will celebrate Holy Mass as follows:-

Sunday 11th August - 9.00am.

13th August - 11.00am.

15th August - 11.00am - The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Sunday 18th August - 11.00am.

23rd August 11.30am.

Sunday 25th August - 10.00am.

26th August - 11.00am.

For further information see notices on Church door, or telephone:-

Deacon David Smith at St. Aidan’s, Seahouses on 01665 720427

For Special Diocesan organized events only, consult the Diocesan website at

Or for further information on Special Events on the island:-

Email :-

Phone :- 0191 243 3313

This is an island at high tide, and for long before and long after. The height difference between high and low tide can be as much as 5 metres, more than 16 feet. Even if the difference is only 2 metres, that’s more than the height of an average car or person!